500 – Journey Into Mystery!

A panel from "The Clutching Hands" story in Journey into Mystery #1, February 1952
A panel from “The Clutching Hands” story in Journey into Mystery #1, February 1952

Wow, my 500th entry! It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for almost two years! I’m happy to see that I’m well into what I am calling the “Early Silver Age”, where many of the horror and science fictions stories are interesting, even if superheroes themselves have faded down to just a few exceptions.

February 1952 marks the debut of Atlas Comics’ “Journey into Mystery” magazine. Atlas Comics is the successor to Timely Comics and the precursor to Marvel Comics, and Journey into Mystery is the magazine where The Mighty Thor makes his debut a decade later. For now, Journey into Mystery is just another horror anthology comic.

I do love seeing magazines like Journey into Mystery and Strange Tales make their debut as it ties my reading into the future “Marvel Age” even if there is no in-story continuity.