6th Sense Analytics mentions the SVG Logo contest. Design a logo to help Scalable Vector Graphics gain widespread recognition and win yourself an iPod or other prizes...

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Today at dinnertime, Joshua, one of our two-years olds, climbed up onto my chair and sat down, expecting to be fed.

Daddy: Joshua, that's Daddy's chair, you need to sit in your own chair.

Joshua: No, sit, sit ... chair!

Daddy: But if you sit there, where am I going to sit?

After thinking for a minute, Joshua pointed at the chair with his booster-seat strapped to it and said "Sit there".

Daddy: [Laughing] No, Daddy's too big to sit there.

At this point, Sam turned to me excitedly and asked: "Do you realize you are actually having a conversation with your son?".

I've thought about it, and of course I've had other "conversations" with both Joshua and Jacob before, but Sam asked me to remember this one in case she forgets it someday.

As you wish.

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Via Scoble, Microsoft has updated Live Local (aka "Virtual Earth"). I took a look and was delighted to find that in the Firefox version, they are using inline SVG to draw driving directions. Read the rest of this entry ...

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My wife and I have recently been enjoying Scrubs - The Complete First Season on DVD. The writing and performances are top-notch, so why did it take until 2005 for it to be nominated for Best Comedy Series?

I only watch a couple television shows (My Name Is Earl, The Office), but Scrubs has always been a casual favourite of mine since the first season (2001-2002).

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Go visit the SVG Roadshow. I started a post over at GetSVG to try and gather some cool demos, games, experiments that show off SVG in the browser. I encourage anyone who has something to share to join the forums and add their links.

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