I want to believe. SVG as an image format.Because my kids are now old enough to grok some complex games, I've introduced them to the Magic: The Gathering card game. They love it. I love it. To continue the fun, we went to a local comic book store and bought a couple booster packs, which apparently are still being sold throughout the world. One of my kids got a Protean Hydra. Sweet! The Hydra is a mythical beast with nine heads, and every time you chop off a head, two more grow back.

The web is like that. And we're not chopping off heads fast enough. Read the rest of this entry ...

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I was playing around with a new project recently and wanted to figure out the complementary color of a given color. All you need for this are the RGB values of the color for which you want to find the complement.

There are lots of ways of specifying a color on the Open Web:

  • rgb(255,0,0)
  • rgb(100%,0,0)
  • #FF0000
  • #F00
  • "red"

And it's not just the 17 CSS color names, there are 147 cool-sounding extended color names like papayawhip. So given that a user can input a color in all sorts of ways, what's the right way to do this? Read the rest of this entry ...

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Sam Ruby has just been appointed co-chair of the HTML5 Working Group. In addition to being an early adopter of HTML5, Sam has been a loud proponent of distributed extensibility within HTML and a vocal critic of the entire HTML5 process in general. I'm glad to see Sam is putting his money where his mouth is. It will be very interesting to see how this will affect the dynamics of the Working Group.

A warm congratulations to Sam and a heartfelt Good Luck!

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Rather than twittering these and missing a sizable chunk of people who might be interested, I thought I'd post a couple quick links to very cool news in the SVG world: Read the rest of this entry ...

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Hallvord R.M. Steen (an Opera employee and member of the HTML WG) was kind enough to create a bug regarding an issue I had raised a few months back. It is currently not possible inside an embedded SVG to determine the parameters sent in from HTML:object if the two documents are on different domains. This appears to be a hole in the HTML4 spec, which doesn't really address cross-domain security concerns for the HTML:object element. Read the rest of this entry ...

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