I was playing around with a new project recently and wanted to figure out the complementary color of a given color. All you need for this are the RGB values of the color for which you want to find the complement.

There are lots of ways of specifying a color on the Open Web:

  • rgb(255,0,0)
  • rgb(100%,0,0)
  • #FF0000
  • #F00
  • "red"

And it's not just the 17 CSS color names, there are 147 cool-sounding extended color names like papayawhip. So given that a user can input a color in all sorts of ways, what's the right way to do this? Read the rest of this entry ...

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Do not adjust your sets, today is CSS Naked Day. I decided to steal Sam Ruby's "naked trucker silhouette" this year. Sam has privately let me know that I cheat by using inline style, but sometimes I want to float my clipart left and sometimes I want to float it right. I guess I should turn those into classes. Will do so for next year. Oh well, Sam cheats too.

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The last two years have been explosive for WebKit development - the project has really accelerated, moving at a much faster perceivable rate than the other notable open-source web platform, Mozilla. I've been noticing more and more innovations that affect web developers from the Safari blog. Read the rest of this entry ...

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If you're wondering what happened to my pretty site earlier today, no it was not some malicious XHTML prank, it was my premature support for CSS Naked Day. Dustin changed it to April 9th this year - that's rather silly considering the PHP function is supposed to do the work for us. I suspect lots of sites will be going naked today inadvertently.

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