[clipart]Cameron Adams decided to benchmark Flash, SVG, Canvas and HTML5 using a particle engine he created. Not surprising (to me anyway), the SVG scores were the worst of the bunch. This stands to reason: does each particle really need to be a DOM element? Nonetheless, I decided to see what I could do to make the SVG scores suck less. I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to also teach some techniques.

Update: Added some browser scores for Nov 2011

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To help kick off the new SVG community site, I thought I'd write up a tutorial and post it there. It's a quickie and it's maybe a couple years out of style, but it's got some pretty pictures: Gelcap Buttons in SVG. (Some people call these 'aqua buttons').

Disclaimer: The PlanetSVG website is still largely under construction, so please be gentle. Rob is working on a Drupal theme and we still have to plan out the overall flow of the site.

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Alp Toker, one of those graphics heavy hitters, has woken up to give us a nice summary about the 'skia' graphics library which Google uses for the Chrome browser. I like that it has animation and SVG awareness 'out of the box', but it probably won't be a major player until it's fully ported to all the major desktop platforms and has matured a little.

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I received a copy of Shelley Powers' new book, Painting the Web about a month ago. Sadly I was pretty busy with work and other projects so I wasn't able to devour it as quickly as I'd hoped - though I did take a moment to squee over the fact that my SVG Support page is in the book. Ok, this review might be biased 😉 Read the rest of this entry ...

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