I had the idea within the SVG IG to use Google Doctype to build up SVG reference documentation (better than what is currently at wiki.svg.org), since DocType is supposed to be all about the "open web stack". Since the articles are copyright Google but licensed under the Creative Commons license, I figure this can't hurt if Google turns all evil on us one day.

However, any time I've experimented with Doctype has shown that the project isn't quite ready yet for primetime. I base this on the fact that every time I try to submit a change, I get a long delay and then a 502 error. Mark has assured me they are working on both short term and long term solutions to this problem. He also offered to give me offline commit access to add SVG articles (and even tests) en masse to Doctype. That was a couple weeks ago, maybe now that holidays are over this can become reality? 🙂

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