[clipart]I decided to install the latest version of WordPress. In the process I uncovered some real craziness on the part of my host provider (GoDaddy) but thankfully got that all sorted out. In the 5 years I've had this website I've accumulated a lot of cruft. As a result, I decided to only restore the stuff I think people still might be linking to. If something is missing, please contact me. On the blog, I've restored every post/comment, of course. It might be time for me to start working out a new blog redesign, but in the interim this one is minimalist enough.

I also permanently moved from my subdomain (blog) to www.codedread.com/blog/ so feel free to update your links (though old links should still work).

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[clipart]Turned on the Christmas CSS and released SVG-edit 2.4 Beta. That should be enough 🙂

Happy Holidays to all the folks out there and talk to you next year!

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[clipart]After updating my SVG Support chart I thought I'd tweak the colors of my site just a tad. I promise it won't last...

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Released the BOSS Library under open-source.

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Added a page to keep track of Open-Source Contributions

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