The Adobe Flash logoWhile it sounds like the name of a bad porno, it's clearly good marketing strategy by Google to bring content authors to the Android platform and to court tool-maker Adobe.

But I still say that the introduction of the iPad is a signal of doom for Flash-as-a-format. On the other hand, as Adobe gets more serious about producing HTML5, SVG, Canvas, JavaScript from their Flash IDE, well...

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[clipart]I have a nice Twitter search feed for SVG that has been enormously helpful to me. I haven't signed up for Google Buzz yet, but I'd like to search through Buzz for mentions of SVG. Is there a way to do this? Isn't Google a search company? 🙂

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[clipart]SVG-edit has far exceeded my expectations in the seven months since I've been working on it. The people I've met there have been amazing and it's been really fun to watch the project grow both in members and in capabilities. Without the people working on it, people like Alexis (now the top contributor) and wormsxulla (whip-cracker on UI translations) and others, there wouldn't be a project - that much is obvious. But would you like to know the secret sauce in the SVG-edit project? Of course you would. Read the rest of this entry ...

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I think the next next browser war will be about how to integrate online services into the browser itself - search plugins were only the beginning. As more and more people rely on things like GMail, Google Docs, Google Reader, and Google Maps it will only be natural for Google to integrate its online services into its Chrome browser. The question will be whether this is anticompetitive at all in the sense that the "hidden" APIs in Windows were considered anti-competitive. I do think Google will make its server-side hooks open and transparent (because it benefits by having other browsers integrate their services).

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In case you missed it, Google Docs was recently upgraded with a Draw Chart capability. This was, in my opinion, the biggest reason to still use desktop software like Microsoft Office. The best part? It uses SVG to get the job done (and VML if you're still using IE). Bravo! Encore!

Thoughts on the future of this feature? Here are some things I want:

  • Please allow the author to extract the drawing as an SVG file from the service (currently Firebug is the only way I could figure out how).
  • Fill gradients (Linear and Radial), please

And yes, there are privacy concerns with an online (aka 'cloud') service like this - I'm not implying you should use this for everything - but for the occasional document that you want to use for collaboration, it really does the trick.

Now if only I could get them to update their Spreadsheet service so that I can use it offline...

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