The writer's strike might actually be good for ABC's Lost Season 4, which starts on its new night this Thursday - don't forget! This being one of the few shows with more than a handful of episodes (8) while other shows are airing the bits and pieces they have saved up from before the writer's strike. Any suggestions on how to sedate my kids by 7 AM CST (8 PM EST) on Thursdays?

But where, oh where, is Jess of Apropos of Something? I will really be disappointed if I don't have Lost-vivor to look forward to this year.

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So far not one of the plot lines on NBC's Heroes has intrigued me. But Journeyman looks good so far. Read the rest of this entry ...

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Ok, now that the rest of America has had a chance to watch the Lost finale or is currently watching it, I'll give my thoughts on this great piece of story-telling. I don't know about you, but I spent most of the episode literally feeling like anything could happen... and with a big grin on my face for most of the time. BIG BIG Spoiler Alert - please only read on if you watched what happened! Read the rest of this entry ...

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WOW! Mind... still... reeling...

I kind of chuckled to my wife when Jack made his final telephone call to meet someone at the airport - just how many people turned to each other at that moment in their living rooms with puzzled looks on their faces.

I have to hand it to the writers here - they really caught me off guard. I'm going to be responsible here and not give away anything just yet but I have to say that was probably the most gripping two hours of television I have ever watched.

Take that Heroes!!! 🙂

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The disappointing season finale of Heroes has made me even more hopeful for the 2 hour Lost season finale tonight, got to try and lower my expectations so I don't get crushed... Meanwhile, Jess posted this link to an absolutely hilarious visual recap of Lost Season 3 (best viewed if you already know what happened this season).

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