I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with coffee. For about 9 months in 2008 I was nearly completely caffeine-free and it was a liberating experience having zero chemical dependencies. With the colder weather and the busy work schedule, I've started to slowly succumb to the Brown Horse again, though I've been pretty successful at keeping it at the 'decaf' level with the occasional Coke slipped in. I still don't get the whole three-to-five dollar drink thing that everybody else around me seems to love to do.

What's your favorite warm beverage in the winter?

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Well, I've decided it's high time to ramp down my coffee/caffeine habit until I've quit completely. It's something I decided to start doing in waves over the last couple years because my coffee habit usually gets out of control, I need to drink more and more to get the same perceived mental stimulation, and I start to feel discomfort/health side effects as a result of all that coffee. Anyway, the worst side effects of this ramping down period are caffeine headaches that I get mid-day. I tempered my headache today with a Coke at lunch. Already I'm starting to feel better overall though. Hopefully by end of week I'll be completely off the Brown Horse (not to be confused with the white horse!) and maybe by the fall/winter I'll kick the habit off again with a cup every day or three.

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