[clipart]I have a nice Twitter search feed for SVG that has been enormously helpful to me. I haven't signed up for Google Buzz yet, but I'd like to search through Buzz for mentions of SVG. Is there a way to do this? Isn't Google a search company? 🙂

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Shelley makes the assertion that we are never going to bother with our Twitter past. When I read that, I initially agreed with her: Twitter is a fast-moving medium for short messages whose value fade as time marches on. So in general I won't need to go back and retrieve them. Then today happened and I realized that it's not because we won't want to - it's because it's going to become impossible. Read the rest of this entry ...

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This evening on "As The Twitter Spews":

BTW, if you're not on Twitter yet, you are missing out. For instance, I find this feed useful.

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Did they go under or did they forget to renew their domain? This is seriously going to impact my microblogging until I build out something new ...

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While I was posting posting my own fail story, a bunch of Twitter residents decided to start riffing on the phrase 'EPIC FAIL' (maybe as a result of this article?). I'm not sure who started it, but I thought I'd paste in the relevant tweets from the people I follow:

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