[clipart]I decided to install the latest version of WordPress. In the process I uncovered some real craziness on the part of my host provider (GoDaddy) but thankfully got that all sorted out. In the 5 years I've had this website I've accumulated a lot of cruft. As a result, I decided to only restore the stuff I think people still might be linking to. If something is missing, please contact me. On the blog, I've restored every post/comment, of course. It might be time for me to start working out a new blog redesign, but in the interim this one is minimalist enough.

I also permanently moved from my subdomain (blog) to www.codedread.com/blog/ so feel free to update your links (though old links should still work).

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Can a WordPress plugin be written that would sanitize the HTML in my blog comments through this thing? kthxbye

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I'd like to apologize to all of the browser viewers out there who have been swallowing my uncompressed pages all this time. I just turned on the gzip option under Options > Reading in the WordPress admin panel. I also tidied up my css and the HTML markup generated by my PHP. That's always fun...

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Looks like WordPress 2.6 is out. I submitted three patches about three months ago: 6583, 6602 and 6642. I'd like to sturdy up WordPress's ability to handle invalid XHTML markup. Care to take a whack at my XHTML Piñata? This all sounds vaguely familiar.

Anyway does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these patches moving? Someone I need to email? kthxbai

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I spent some time a few weeks ago quietly trying to shore up my XHTML defenses on my WordPress install - not everyone is planning to move to Drupal just yet. I have a bunch of patches that are aging. I think three of them are 'good to go' but I need someone to look at them. The patch for Ticket 5998 needs some work to make it applicable across trackbacks and pingbacks as well as ensuring it is applicable only for UTF-8. Unfortunately, no one is really looking at the patches because apparently no one on this planet would bother serving WordPress as true XHTML. Anyway, enough whinging - it would be great if some of these could make it into WordPress 2.5.1.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to try and break my WordPress install by injecting funky XHTML, please be my guest on this page. Currently Sam is in the lead with two breakages (now fixed). Oh, and your name doesn't have to be Philip, Jacques, Mark or Shelley either.

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