My kids (9-year olds) each got a Kindle for Christmas (thanks Gramma and Grampa!). It looks like even for them to "buy" free books, this is how I had to set them up:

  • Create an Amazon account for them
  • Manage Account, 1-Click Settings
  • Turn on 1-Click for the account
  • Add an address
  • Click the link to make it the 1-Click default address
  • Make this address the billing address

After this, my kids were able to "purchase" free books (and gift cards can be added to their balance), all without requiring a credit card number. Thanks, Amazon for making this so simple! 🙂

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My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were visiting for the weekend to celebrate the twins third birthday. My sister-in-law brought over a bunch of "Best of Muppet Show" DVDs and we had a blast tonight watching a couple episodes. See, though they have never watched any of the movies, my boys have become fascinated with Star Wars characters thanks to a gift of some Pez Dispensers last Christmas ("Daddy, can I play with Emperor Palpatine?"), so Jacob and Joshua went total ape-shit over the Mark Hammill / "Stars of Star Wars" episode. And I found out that I've had a little crush on Carol Burnett for a couple decades thanks to those airings our family used to watch on the CBC...

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Via Dive Into Mark. Brilliant!

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We have a puzzle of the United Stated of America and this is what I heard my wife saying to one of the boys this morning over the phone...

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Today at dinnertime, Joshua, one of our two-years olds, climbed up onto my chair and sat down, expecting to be fed.

Daddy: Joshua, that's Daddy's chair, you need to sit in your own chair.

Joshua: No, sit, sit ... chair!

Daddy: But if you sit there, where am I going to sit?

After thinking for a minute, Joshua pointed at the chair with his booster-seat strapped to it and said "Sit there".

Daddy: [Laughing] No, Daddy's too big to sit there.

At this point, Sam turned to me excitedly and asked: "Do you realize you are actually having a conversation with your son?".

I've thought about it, and of course I've had other "conversations" with both Joshua and Jacob before, but Sam asked me to remember this one in case she forgets it someday.

As you wish.

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