I reported many months ago that Microsoft's Virtual Earth web app was using SVG to render path data when getting directions. At the time, I complained that Google Maps was not yet doing it, though their code looked like it supported it. I was looking for directions and decided to check it out using Firefox's DOM Inspector - and sure enough, they are using SVG now to draw the path data in Firefox 2 (and using Microsoft's VML in Internet Explorer).

Ironically, Virtual Earth looks like it has much more functionality, yet most of it is broken in Firefox 2 (not in Firefox 1.5). For instance, the paths are not showing up for me in Firefox 2. Furthermore, Virtual Earth seem completely broken in Opera 9 which is a significant step backwards from 5 months ago.

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[Editor's Note: To avoid confusion and spreading of mis-information, I feel it's my duty to state that Adobe later changed their decision about removing the SVG Viewer download from their site. As of Dec 2006, Adobe has decided to keep the viewer download available indefinitely.]

In an effort of good will, Adobe has modified their plans to End-of-Life their widely used SVG Viewer plugin. The new plan is for support to end January 1, 2008 and for downloads of the viewer to end by January 1, 2009. Looks like all the blog complaints helped. Here's a link to the FAQ (in PDF format, of course! 😉 ).

Some interesting tidbits from the FAQ:

  • The Adobe SVG Viewer is not supported on Windows Vista. Seems like it will work, but the View Source and proprietary audio extensions are known to be broken.
  • Adobe will not be releasing the source for ASV
  • I also appreciate that under the question What products can I use instead of ASV?, Adobe left a link to the http://wiki.svg.org/Viewer_Implementations instead of just trying to push Flex down our throats. They also put in some useful SVG community links at the end of the FAQ.

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