Zack Rusin has been posting some interesting tidbits lately about his amazing work on the upcoming Qt 4.3. His latest post made me ponder using SVG as a screen mockup format between developers... Read the rest of this entry ...

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Most humans can ignore this post. I had a hard time finding some local phone numbers, resulting in me actually having to call one number and wade through electronic menus to get another number. I'll post them here and let the Googlebots do the tracking for me. Big bureaucracies like governments like to make it hard for people to contact them directly - the web will make it easier again.

Why don't I track internally? I go through too many electronic devices and computers to try and keep track of something that should be easily discoverable by the masses. Hope this make some lives a little easier.

Mount Prospect, IL United States Post Office Phone Number 847-392-2731
Forest Park, IL United States Post Office Phone Number 708-366-6790
Forest Park Bulk Mail Facility, IL (USPS) Phone Number 708-583-4221

If some Semantic Web geniuses want to tell me how to make this even more accessibile, please feel free to leave suggestions.

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How well do you know your geography? I really suck at it, but I'm getting better by playing these two web browser games:

These SVG games work in modern browsers like Opera 9+ and Firefox 1.5+ and were written by orinoco and published on his Opera blog. I gave him some pointers to get them working in IE+ASV (I updated my guide with these tips too).

He really did some fantastic work - he started with a blank world map on WikiMedia Commons drawn in Inkscape which had all geography stuffed into a single path element and then he broke them out so that each country was its own path, then manually identified them all! It's not an easy task, but it was made easier because the graphics format was an open, well-documented standard in plain text. I hope he continues to experiment with SVG.

Can someone test them in Konqueror and Safari nightlies?

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Early in 2005 I started getting interested in SVG, a web standard for vector graphics on web pages. My efforts in this direction were first sparked by a friend and later by the fact that modern browsers like Firefox and Opera have introduced SVG support. This entry is to serve as a guide so people can learn from my experiences. It was originally published in Dec 2005, but I will continue to update it as more items occur to me. It was last updated in Jan 2007.

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My brother, Eric, was the Director of Photography on a feature film called Things To Do. The film is directed, written and starring a couple of his friends: Theodore Bezaire and Mike Stasko. It was in a couple film festivals last year and has received some good reviews. If you're in the Chicago area, go check it out on the Jan 12th weekend at the Gene Siskel Film Theater (apologies for the messy website!). I'll be checking it out (for the first time) either Friday or Monday.

It's also opening in Portland, Oregon this weekend too. And hey, if you're in Canada, apparently you can buy it at Blockbuster as well as, Chapters and Cinema1.

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