Via Dion's twitter, this article about a Universal Edit Button (UEB), the discussion has started to make the rounds. The idea is to make editability as discoverable as syndicatability. Whoof, those are some mouthfuls. Ok, you know that orange feed button you see when a page has a feed? Well this will maybe add a green button for those pages that can be edited, like wikis. Read the rest of this entry ...

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Via Charles Arthur, some ex-Apple employees have released a Beta version of 280slides. Presentation editor (and presumably viewer) that works in modern browsers. Powered underneath by "Objective-J" which apparently translates down into JavaScript and uses Canvas, SVG or Flash as needed.

Since I've never used the KeyNote app in MacOS, or even Google Presentations, someone will have to give me the skinny on how this stacks up. But it looks nice! Even in Firefox 2 on my 8-year-old Ubuntu machine, the performance is acceptable. I should try it on my Macbook Pro. Check it out.

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I was stuck for two hours on an unmoving train last night due to this unfortunate incident. So I started writing and doodling: Read the rest of this entry ...

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Very cool stuff from roc. An interesting alternative to all the CSS properties being added to WebKit. Meanwhile, Microsoft is still plodding away on bog-standard CSS 2 - expect an update from them in August, if you're still interested (if you are maybe you want to try a new plugin for IE?)

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Good bunch of notes about designing animated user interfaces from Qt guru Zack Rusin.

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