Imagine for a moment:

  1. Joe User knows nothing about the SVG format other than it's an image format.
  2. Starts a new document in Inkscape
  3. Imports a raster image (PNG) from the hard drive
  4. Saves image as SVG
  5. Uploads the SVG file to a clip art website
  6. Is baffled why the image displays fine on his computer in the browser but is blank for everyone else

Yes this could really happen. So how do we fix it?

  • Warn during Import stage of local references?
  • Warn during Save stage of local references?
  • Embed raster as a data: url in the SVG source (breaking link with local file)?
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How do you take notes? Here's my list of techniques in order of preference using a heuristic which is some function of efficiency, persistence, and privacy:

  • Full-finger-typing on a regular-size keyboard
  • Writing with a pen/pencil on paper
  • Thumb-typing on a small QWERTY keyboard
  • Stylus recognition on a touchscreen
  • Voice notes
  • Scoring the flesh of my forearm in Morse Code with a rusty Bowie knife
  • Typing with one thumb on my phone's number keypad

Which one do you use? Guess which one I use...

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I'd like to apologize to all of the browser viewers out there who have been swallowing my uncompressed pages all this time. I just turned on the gzip option under Options > Reading in the WordPress admin panel. I also tidied up my css and the HTML markup generated by my PHP. That's always fun...

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I received a copy of Shelley Powers' new book, Painting the Web about a month ago. Sadly I was pretty busy with work and other projects so I wasn't able to devour it as quickly as I'd hoped - though I did take a moment to squee over the fact that my SVG Support page is in the book. Ok, this review might be biased 😉 Read the rest of this entry ...

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Why don't Comp.Sci professors give out extra credit to students who submit patches to open source projects? I'm sure profs could come up with some scoring system based on the complexity of the patch and the amount of effort involved (size of code base, subject matter, etc). This would get the student out of pure theoretical assignments and give them real-world experience with software problems. About the only challenge I see with this idea is that a student may get 90% of the way through working on a patch and someone else (outside the school) comes in and scoops them. For this, a prof could still give some points for 'trying' if there was proof of the work.

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