Poo. Declarative animation in SVG won't make it for the Firefox 3.1 release. That's a big shame, though I trust that it's the right decision.

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Can a WordPress plugin be written that would sanitize the HTML in my blog comments through this thing? kthxbye

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Rather than twittering these and missing a sizable chunk of people who might be interested, I thought I'd post a couple quick links to very cool news in the SVG world: Read the rest of this entry ...

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Alp Toker, one of those graphics heavy hitters, has woken up to give us a nice summary about the 'skia' graphics library which Google uses for the Chrome browser. I like that it has animation and SVG awareness 'out of the box', but it probably won't be a major player until it's fully ported to all the major desktop platforms and has matured a little.

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Don't ask me how I found this: The book based on the movie based on the musical inspired by another musical based on the novel.

This shake-your-head moment brought to you by Amazon. Now I'm just going to sit over there and wait for those checks to roll in...

Lon Chaney Sr as the Phantom in the 1925 silent film The Phantom Of The Opera

Have a good weekend!

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