The Adobe Flash logoWhile it sounds like the name of a bad porno, it's clearly good marketing strategy by Google to bring content authors to the Android platform and to court tool-maker Adobe.

But I still say that the introduction of the iPad is a signal of doom for Flash-as-a-format. On the other hand, as Adobe gets more serious about producing HTML5, SVG, Canvas, JavaScript from their Flash IDE, well...

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The kthoom logoSometimes I get an idea and I just have to see it through to a point where it will let my brain go. At work Thursday we were all slobbering over Steve's iPad and someone brought up how cool the Marvel app is. I had to admit it was much nicer than any piece of software I'd used for viewing comics before on my laptop.

In the meantime, I've been carefully watching WebKit creep closer and closer to implementing the W3C File API (Go Kinuko!). Something I've been eagerly waiting for more browsers to do so you can open up local files in SVG-edit.

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The Open Web logoThe Web has changed us forever. It's not just about how we experience digital media or how we purchase things or even all that free porn. Yes it's also given us new ways to satisfy our egos, express our ideas, publish works, report information, research, share new capabilities. But I'm also talking about fundamental things: new ways of communicating, learning, meeting people, keeping in touch with people, even grieving.

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The SVG LogoSVGI've updated my marketshare spreadsheet for March 2010 charting the percentage of web users who can view SVG/Canvas: 39.99%

P.S. I should mention that this figure does not take into account any user that has a SVG plugin installed or authors who have used the excellent SVG Web or ExplorerCanvas shims, so this is really a worst-case number.

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[clipart]I have a nice Twitter search feed for SVG that has been enormously helpful to me. I haven't signed up for Google Buzz yet, but I'd like to search through Buzz for mentions of SVG. Is there a way to do this? Isn't Google a search company? 🙂

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