We got all of our carpetting installed over the weekend after removing the tiles. They finished carpetting the stairs this morning and now the basement is starting to get cozy.

I nailed back half of the moulding Sunday night and I need to do the rest tonight or tomorrow.

After that, things we still need to do include:

  • buy some type of heater (probably one of those parabolic things at Costco)
  • fix the sofabed legs, vacuum the sofabed and move it back into the family room (it's currently sitting in the kitchen downstairs)
  • trim the bottom of the closet doors so they fit now that carpetting has raised the floor about an inch and reinstall the doors
  • install some childproof locks/hooks on the closet doors
  • bring back the bookcases (currently in the laundry room) and childproof those
  • buy a corner entertainment center and childproof it, move TV, Stereo Receiver, VCR and DVD player back
  • paint the drywall a better colour than light green (not a high priority)
  • Anyway, I've vacuumed and the kids love it down there because it's a new environment to crawl around in. Plus we put half of their toys down there permanently so they don't see those toys as often and find them more interesting (you'd have to have kids to understand this). And I love it because it's clean and relatively safe if they fall.

    On the development side, I plan to re-install my C++ development environment (after losing it when my crappy Western Digital USB 2.0 external hard drive crashed after 13 months - guess how long the warranty was, what assholes, I refuse to link to any site promoting this hard drive as "reliable" but if anyone knows a negative review out there for the 120 GB model I'll gladly link to it).

    Anyway, once I get it re-installed I'll start immersing myself back into coding a little (in preparation for the GDC) and start posting some entries in that category...I didn't expect to be able to do any coding for at least one year since the twins were born so I'm actually two months ahead of schedule from that perspective (they were born March 15th, 2004).

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