I'm a sucker for the Academy Awards, not sure why I care but I usually tune in (even though I wasn't able to get out and see too many movies last year).

Two years ago, actor Adrian Brody won Best Actor In A Lead Role for The Pianist. His acceptance speech for the Oscar became newsworthy because he was so excited that he grabbed presenter Halle Berry and planted a big wet one on her and he also shouted down the orchestra when they started to play over his speech (due to limited time).

So at last year's awards show, he was the presenter for Best Actress In A Lead Role. As a gag, before he presented the award he spritzed his mouth with breath freshener. Ha ha. Actually, pretty funny for Hollywood. But he got to smooch with the orange-skinned Charlize Theron (who won for her role in the film Monster), so I guess the gag paid off.

Then, yesterday morning they announced the nominees for Academy Awards for 2004 and I happened to catch it since I was working from home. They had Adrian Brody as co-announcer. He did the same breath freshener gag (but this time with his male announcer). Time to find another reason to be in the spotlight Adrian...

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