An entry in which I ramble on about my blog, California, my basement and my Linux Server.

Well, this is the second month that I've been doing the blog thing. As usual, the first few weeks really showed my enthusiasm for posting diverse topics and I was trying to post at least once a day, but unless I make journalism my full-time job I'll have to back off a little on that release schedule.

Anyway, February is also important because I can now officially say: "Next month I'll be going to California"! I can't frippin' wait. Tonight Rob and I will be doing some planning on how we'll write about it, what we'll do and where we'll go.

From the basement perspective, I've talked about how we had some carpetting installed and then the long tedious process of putting the basement back into a reusable state here and here.

Well, I'm happy to report that I've put back all the base trim, used the circular saw on all the doors so they fit into the doorframe, I've moved back some of the furniture (the rest we may keep tucked away until the boys are a little less wobbly), child-proofed all the cabinets and doors and I've set up the office with my desk, lamp and older computer.

I even took some time to get the old PIII Windows 98 machine cleared of a lot of its clutter in terms of disk space and useless applications and installed Mandrake 10.1 on a 20 GB partition. I now plan to use that machine as a fileserver for my LAN and a means of version controlling all the source code, web pages, scripts and documents that I've been maintaining across multiple computers for awhile now. It also gives me a chance to refresh myself on Linux administration and learn about Subversion.

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