I came across Kyle Wilson's excellent web page/blog today. There are a lot of good little articles on there about game design, stuff that I generally find intriguing/exciting. I enjoyed his articles on an Object Registry and Data-Driven Design. What's interesting is that he apparently works for Day 1 Studios (with locations in downtown Chicago and Sparks, Maryland - I'm guessing this guy is in Maryland). Anyway, I'm going to make sure I read each and every one of his articles because this guy is doing exactly what I wish I was doing so he is now officially my hero.

He also wrote a brief article on GDC 2004 so I was able to read up on what the conference was like last year. I think Rob and I are going to try and write something similar about the Expo side of things this year (28 days and counting!).

He also linked to an excellent article about the many forms of software development from the always-interesting Joel Spolsky which I enjoyed.

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  1. Rob says:

    Great find. I’m going to look though the authors he mentioned and see if it helps picking talks to go to this year. Although it sounds like he was a little off on his prediction for XNA, the page on XNA does sound very heavy on the marketing-speak: “the catalyst for a new ecosystem of interchangeable, interoperable software tools and technologies from Microsoft.” Ecosystem?

    The GD-Algorithms mailing list sounds worthwhile to try as well.

    As for the parties at GDC, I think everyone knows there’s something just a little bit wrong with them. Okay, a lot wrong. But remember we missed the Microsoft party at the last GDC? Cage-dancers. Sheee-hoo.

  2. Jeff says:

    I forgot I left a setting in WP that blocks any comments that have more than 1 URL in them and waits for approval. I think with the craptcha, I can remove that restriction at least for now.