Well, we're making our final transition step to this very-different family lifestyle by closing in on a 2002 Toyota Sienna minivan. Only 30,000 miles and in excellent shape from what I can tell. The couple that own it were transferred to China for 3 years, so her sister is trying to sell it for her.

It means I get to sell my sporty red 1997 Ford Probe GT to some guy who will finish running it into the ground. Or maybe he'll supe it up and make some good coin on it in another decade or two when the Probe is considered a "classic".

I wonder if I should perform a ritual of sorts as this would be the definitive end of my free-wheeling lifestyle and the beginning of my middle age (or the Dark Ages as some people call them). Or maybe I'll just go on a bender...where did I put that 15-year bottle of Bowmore Mariner now?

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