It may seem that Scalable Vector Graphics for the masses is stalling on the web, but I did find this interesting site which has some recent promising news about SVG's rising popularity on the mobile phone front. Mobile vendors Panasonic and Sony have announced models that support SVG.

I've ranted before about XML, but despite my ill feelings, it's obvious that XML is at the root of some very promising technologies. SVG is one of those and it's really a shame that it hasn't yet taken off. This older article from Slashdot hints that March 2005 we'll start to see Mozilla include native support of SVG (the masses will see this in Firefox 1.1, I think)...that will be VERY exciting indeed! Maybe we'll start to see something interesting happening on the web for SVG very soon. As far as I know this will be the first major web browser to have native SVG support.

If you're interested in learning more about SVG, check out for an overview of some of its capabilities. If you haven't installed Adobe's SVG Plug-In, don't worry you can turn off "SVG" examples on this site and just see what they would like if you had the plugin. Or you could follow the intructions at and install the Plug-In.

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