Well, we got into Oakland, CA a little late tonight (about 11 PM PST). At the Dollar Car Rental desk, I somehow managed to sweet-talk the 60-year old Asian man into getting us a better car (a PT-Cruiser instead of a Dodge Neon). Uhhh...I guess it's time to recalibrate my "sweet talking" skills...

Anyway, the flight was cramped and long (~5 hours). The first movie on deck was the Bridget Jones sequel which both Rob and I thought was utter crap. The first 15 minutes were very painful and we both stopped listening to the audio, but it was one of the movies where all you had to do was see a stray glimpse of the movie without audio to know what was going on:

"Oh, this is the part of the movie where Bridget Jones and her boyfriend are going through a rough time and they wander about the city looking sad while music plays to capture the mood"

"Oh this is the part where Bridget Jones makes a fool of herself at some high society event because she's so flustered about her boyfriend's new secretary"

"Oh, this is the part where Bridget Jones gets into a hot three-way with 2 lesbians at the Correctional Institution for Wayward Asian Women"

Or something like that anyway...

The second in-flight movie was supposed to be something with Pierce Brosnan but the tape wasn't tracking well so they had to choose another movie. The two choices were "Finding Neverland" and "The Incredibles" and the flight attendant put it to a vote. During the "vote", I was in the washroom taking a long piss, but I probably would have voted for "Neverland" since I had already seen The Incredibles and I am eagerly waiting for the DVD to arrive from Buy.com. I had also heard good things about "Neverland". I hate to say it, but I think Johnny Depp is a good actor.

Well, "The Incredibles" won by a large margin, so I was treated again to Brad Bird's masterpiece. I can't complain, it's a great flick. This is now the second time I've seen it and I have to say I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. There are pieces of that movie where you totally forget it's animated, the voice acting and animated characterization are that good. I still contend that is one of the best written movies of last year, but I'll be the first to admit I've only seen two movies from last year and the other was Spiderman 2 (which I also enjoyed).

Anyway, God knows why I'm still typing here in the hotel room on Rob's laptop when we've decided we need to get up at 6 AM to get moving on the day's activities. Insert ear plugs...hit pillow...close eyes...g'night.

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