Just wanted to mention that yesterday was Joshua and Jacob's one year birthday. We celebrated with a little cake, some balloons, some singing, and some picture-taking. We had already let them open their gifts before I had left for San Francisco as we are too impatient. We also stopped over to the neighbors houses (one of them had brought over a cake) to let them know they're welcome to stop by, hopefully we'll have one of them over on the weekend. They have a 8-month old son named Johnny.

It's amazing to think one full year has passed. Last year at this time I was still trying wrap my mind around what had happened the day before and what it meant for the rest of my life. I also remember walking my wife to the hospital bathroom and her being in a lot of pain (the boys were delivered through a scheduled C-section). I also distinctly remember changing Joshua's diaper for the first time...think "Play-Doh Fun Factory":

The Play-Doh Fun Factory

Anyway, boys, if either one of you are reading this, I just want to take this opportunity to say how happy and grateful your mother and I are that you came into our lives. We may be tired right now, but we consider ourselves very blessed.

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