For over a month now, Opera has been the only major browser out there to currently support SVG natively (Firefox 1.1 will support a subset of SVG Full 1.1 but Fx 1.1 will likely be released in August). Opera has a great SVG Tiny implementation, but I'm posting my wish-list of things to fix for that implementation.

Most of these are bug fixes and things that are missing from SVG Tiny support, but a couple of the included items are definitely outside the scope of SVG Tiny. To be fair to Opera, I put these items lowest on the list.

10) Ability to fill text with linear gradients. (I know that linear gradients are not part of SVG Tiny but Opera 8 currently supports them for shapes and paths).

9) Support of the SVG DOM and Scripting. (I know that DOM/Scripting are not part of SVG Tiny, but this is the ultimate piece of SVG functionality. Without it, I can't use Opera to play games like this and this. If Opera were to take on this item alone, it would probably become my default browser).

8) Pointer cursor for link elements (Bug 173592)

7) Links working with SVG text (Bug 173588)

6) The "target" attribute to work in <a> elements

5) Rotated non-SVG font glyphs

4) Animations beginning with events (particularly mouse events)

3) Percentages allowed in units

2) Image bug in Windows version (requires a window resize/repaint to view the raster graphic)

And the #1 thing that needs fixing in Opera's SVG Tiny implementation (how many different ways can I say this):

1) Allow the use of background-image to include SVG into an HTML page.

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2 Comments to “Top 10 Things To Fix for Opera’s SVG Implementation”

  1. chaals says:

    Hmmm. I don’t think that your number one request is really a violation of any spec, since HTML failed (unlike SVG) to specify any required content types that must be supported, if I have understood correctly what you are asking for… That said, yeah – noted. Thanks for running the tests, by the way.

  2. Hi Chaals,

    Actually the SVG 1.1 Full specification states at

    If the user agent includes an HTML or XHTML viewing capability or can apply CSS/XSL styling properties to XML documents, then a Conforming SVG Viewer must support resources of MIME type “image/svg+xml” wherever raster image external resources can be used, such as in the HTML or XHTML ‘img’ element and in CSS/XSL properties that can refer to raster image resources (e.g., ‘background-image’).

    The SVGT 1.2 spec also explicitly states in a similar paragraph:

    “If the user agent can apply CSS/XSL styling properties to XML documents (including XHTML, SMIL, or XForms documents), then a Conforming SVG Viewer must support resources of MIME type “image/svg+xml” in CSS/XSL properties that can refer to raster image resources (e.g., ‘background-image’).”

    However I will concede that SVGT 1.1 does NOT explicitly state this. It has the following paragraph:

    If the user agent includes a CSS2 capability, a Conforming SVG Viewer SHOULD support CSS styling of SVG content and SHOULD support all features from CSS Mobile Profile.

    Note that “CSS Mobile Profile” ( DOES include ‘background-image’.

    Anyway, the bottom line is: This would be a great feature to have. With it, I would be able to specify that a div has a SVG background, and combined with the ability to specify percentages for the svg element width/height, the background image would scale with the browser window.