Via Tim Altman's blog. As part of the 10-year anniversary of Opera, they are giving licenses to their desktop browser. I just got my registration code and I am happy to say: Look ma! No Ads! (finally).

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The Mozilla SVG project is calling for testing of two patches for SVG functionality:

Feedback will help determine whether this functionality makes it into Firefox 1.5, so if you're brave, go download the latest nightly trunk build (i.e. Firefox 2.0 development branch) and test the functionality out.

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If you were to look up the definition of "repressed" I think it should include this link.

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Read Part One if you haven't. So with a little SDL graphics knowledge under my belt, I decided that I would set out to actually implement the old BGI library using SDL. That is, I wanted to use the same game code for Ten Nights but instead of linking to obsolete Borland libraries that would no longer work in Windows-based system, I wanted to link to my own library that would look the same (from the game's perspective), yet work in Windows via SDL. Read the rest of this entry ...

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Today Google releases a Beta Instant Messaging and VoIP client called Google Talk. I personally haven't used other VoIP tools like Skype and standard IM clients like MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Chat have taken a backseat for me since I use my web-based home-brewed IM client (equipped with thick tin-foil hat), but I'll probably check this out when I get home tonight...

On a sidenote, this article exemplifies some of the things I hate about marketing-speak. Witness the terms "pull a google" and "google-fy".

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