Sam and I finally got a babysitter and went out for a movie on Sunday night. We saw "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and we both really enjoyed it. Steve Carell plays Andy, the title character, who is lead through a series of misadventures by his new-found friends in attempt to deflower him, all the while he falls in love with Trish, a "hot grandma" played by Catherine Keener. The movie is hilarious. There were literally 8 people in the theatre (late night Sunday showing and the theatre's air conditioning was broken) but we were all laughing out loud and clapping at various points, which is weird because an empty theatre can sometimes kill the experience for me. When strangers are able to sit in a room and allow their laughter to be heard without being self-conscious about it, that's usually a good sign that either the movie's very good or everyone's half-drunk.

The movie is not for the prude, as you might imagine, it does contain its share of sexually explicit dialogue, one nipple, one ass crack and a couple breast shots from porno films seen by characters in the movie. Pink daquiri puke makes an appearance too. Oh and a chest waxing that is truly painful and hilarious to watch (that's actually Steve Carell's hair being ripped off in that scene, guess they couldn't do too many takes for that scene). However, despite all the sophomoric elements, the movie also truly delivers on the camaraderie between Andy and his friends and the growing romance between Andy and Trish. Despite first appearances as a simple sex comedy (a la "American Pie"), the movie is actually very well written and acted. And trust me, you'll leave the theatre smiling.

Though I guess he was a cast member of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I first took note of Steve Carell in the movie Bruce Almighty (starring Jim Carrey). This movie centered around a weather forecaster (Jim Carrey as Bruce) temporarily gaining the powers of God. Steve Carell played an obnoxious newscaster, Evan, who is an antagonist to Bruce. At one point Bruce uses his powers to cause Carell's character to have an on-the-air breakdown and blather gibberish. It's one of the funnier scenes of the movie and I remember sitting in the theatre and laughing at that scene, and at that point I had gotten so into the movie that initially I subconsciously attributed the comedic skill to Jim Carrey through the Evan character. Sometimes the mind plays weird tricks on you. But by the end of that scene I remember consciously realizing that it was Carell's comedic abilities that I was enjoying. He stole that scene. And I think there were some out-takes in the end credits of the film that featured more from this scene that drove it home that Carell was a worthy comedian/actor.

Carell's next high profile appearance was as a supporting actor in Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy. Again playing a newscaster, but this time as the moronic Brick Tamland. Just like "Bruce Almighty", Carell managed to steal enough scenes in "Anchorman" (including one involving a trident) that my appreciation rose for him.

Carell doesn't come off as your typical Hollywood comedian, more like an average "nice guy", but his talents are obvious, so perhaps that's one of the reasons I was rooting for this movie. I'm glad it was as funny and intelligent as it was.

Steve Carell is also currently starring in the U.S. remake of the classic British sitcom The Office which has been renewed for its second season.

Watch for Carell in upcoming films. A search on the internet reveals that he's in negotiations to star in the sequel to "Bruce Almighty" (to be named "Evan Almighty") and as Agent Maxwell Smart in the big-screen adaptation of the TV show "Get Smart".

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2 Comments to “The 40-Year Old Virgin’s Got The Goods”

  1. Mauriat says:

    Even though I thought the movie was a bit outrageous at times, I agree it was hilarious. You’re right in that his performance was a great followup to his minor roles (although I still burst out in laughter at the thought of the trident). … “Get Smart”??? I don’t know how well he’ll fill that, but we’ll see.

  2. Pam says:

    I thought the movie was funny but it was too drawn out, making it lame at the end. I like him better in The Office series, he’s so wacky… 🙂