Mileage may vary depending on your reading and voice acting skills, but I thought I'd list some books our boys have enjoyed in case there are any parents out there looking. Warning! This entry for parents only ... and beware of shameless ads.

These are a few books they loved when they were very very young (under 6 months):

Babies love to see other babies' faces for some reason and Margaret Miller's books are just that: Big pictures of babies with simple keywords attached to each ("Boohoo!", "Yippee!", "Yum-Yum"). The Clang! Clang! Bang! Bang! book has a little rattle attached to it that makes noise when the whole book is shaken.

And here are some they loved up until they were about 12-15 months old:

You have to be pretty imaginative with "Polar Bear", because they use odd animals like a zebra, hippopotamus, and walrus but you can figure something out. It's not like your baby will call you on it when they go to the zoo for the first time. And as for Dr. Seuss, I expect my boys are no longer too into "Green Eggs & Ham" because half the pages are ripped or missing in our copy 🙁

Now that our boys are toddlers, they've let some of those books fall out of favour, but we struck some gold at the library relatively recently with the Sesame Street Toddler books. I think they relate because the boys actually watch Sesame Street, the character designs are so appealing and recognizable, the language is simple and it deals with things in their day-to-day life. It looks like they may not be in print anymore (from the looks of my searches on Amazon), but if you can find them at the library or at a garage sale, give them a whirl:

and my personal favourite:

With this lovely excerpt that I just HAD to capture:

I will only ask this one question: Are Little Grover's eyes crossed there?

Others in the series that are not on Amazon: Say The Magic Word, Please, Little Ernie's Book of ABCs, Say Bye-Bye.

I don't think you can go too wrong with these...

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