Jon Ferraiolo of Adobe responds to concerns about Adobe's less-than-clear statements about SVG the "morning after" the post-Macromedia acquisition. Jon says that "SVG-Full" support will not be disrupted - - not exactly a glowing recommendation, but not exactly a death sentence. I had speculated on this yesterday, so Jon's response soothes my fears somewhat. He says that "Adobe's primary attitude towards SVG is fully positive" and the FAQ mention of SVG-T only "was *not* meant to imply anything negative about SVG in the desktop space" but I still maintain that zero mention of Adobe SVG Viewer is not a good sign.

Anyway, if the SVG 1.2 specs could just make it into Recommendation Status we'd see what implementors like Adobe and EvolGrafiX can do...

[Update: The day I posted this, the W3C SVG Working Group released its Third Last Call draft for SVG Tiny 1.2 with a comment cutoff date of December 28th. Now that's service!]

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