My brother, Eric, was Director of Photography on the film "Things To Do", directed by Ted Bezaire and starring Mike Stasko. The film was shot in Windsor over last year and I know my brother and his colleagues have been working their collective butts off on it. The film will be competing at the Slamdance Film Festival which starts today. The Slamdance Festival takes place at the same time and locale as the Sundance Film Festival but is reserved for "first time filmmakers" only.

He flew out to Utah from Windsor very early this morning, where he'll be staying at a rented condo with Ted, Mike and others for the week. I'm sure they'll be networking scripts and whatnot while down there too. What an exciting time for them!

You can see some photos and a trailer of the movie at their official website, though I had to download and install the latest version of Quicktime to get the video to play. I'm really impressed with the trailer, it seems to have that wistful quality of a a good Wes Anderson film, which is perhaps fitting because I believe their co-star Daniel Wilson is cousin to Luke and Owen Wilson. Anyway, I can't wait until I can get a copy of it. Kind of weird to see Mike Stasko acting on the "big screen".

I'm really excited for them, I hope they win. Send your good mojo his way. Too bad they're not blogging the experience...

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