It's hard to keep track of all the new things happening with Scalable Vector Graphics lately. It's being used for all sorts of projects ever since the Firefox 1.5 browser was released.

Eclipse just released a SVG Viewer and Editor as part of the "Buildap" tool (a "Visual Component Based Development framework"). They say it can be used from within Eclipse or as a standalone download. It is based on Batik. Looks like I should spend some time learning Eclipse.

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4 Comments to “SVG Editor/Viewer for Eclipse”

  1. Faisal... says:

    Hello there

    I have been trying to get some help on how to add my svg on blogger but in vain. The svgs are hosted on tripod and one of them is

    The other problem is I do not understand why FireFox is displaying them in ascii and explorer is rendering them fine.

    I hope that you can help me on that or at least guide me to the right place. I’d like to learn more on svg and especially animation. I hope that I reach my quest.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Jeff Schiller says:

    Hi Faisal, I have left you a comment at

  3. Faisal... says:

    Hello again Jeff

    I hope that you do not mind me posting my comment. I am still strugling with viewing svg firefox but as you said, it might be the MIME type. However, was trying to access my blog from another machine (through IE) and the svg did show up. The version number of the viewer was 2.x. I did a check by installing v3.02 on my other machine and it worked. The security patch on v3.03 does not allow you to embed a svg file outside of its originating domain (or possibly root directory).

  4. k-zone says:

    hi !!

    I’m using another plugs with Eclipse since “a long” time … XmlSpy (from Altova) !
    A very good one, permetting use or other Xml languages ( like Xslt … I’m trying using
    to generate somme Svg Files !!!) …

    Unfortunately you’ve got to have Xml SpyHome Edition ( free) to use the Eclipse Plugins .

    So if this new plugin “viewer editor ” work alone …it should be a better solution !!
    Thanks for the infos ….and sorry for my “Frenglish’ .