Uploaded a new SVG Game: FreeCell.

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I decided to take my SVG Solitaire game and make it into FreeCell, the game that comes with Microsoft Windows. Click here to play. Requires IE+ASV, Firefox 1.5 or Opera 9 TP2

It took roughly 30 minutes to change Solitaire into FreeCell, then over 1 hour to debug stupid/silly errors. I was pretty tired last night, but that's probably a pretty good breakdown of the software development process (X minutes to design/code, at least 2X to test). Of course it still probably has some minor bugs here and there (please let me know) and I know the layout could use some work. Very playable in IE+ASV, but dragging cards is still pretty slow in Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9 TP2.


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Raster image of my SVG web statistics

Ok, I finally got around to updating my SVG web statistics, a little over a month since I first posted them. Many thanks to Johan, Rob and Jonathan for handy code and suggestions. I hope you like it. It's located at the same place as before.

I've added some drag interactivity to it. At this time it is quite responsive in IE+ASV, but less so in other implementations (Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9 TP2). Dragging using my library is slightly slower than it used to be because, in order to get "slider" dragging, I had to add constraints to each draggable entity (so that you can't freeform move it around the page). This adds conditional checking every time the entity is dragged, but I see no way around this. Hopefully smart guys like Johan will take a look at my JS and show me the idiocy of my ways. 😉


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While scouring the web for SVG news on Friday from my various channels I came across an article which has a nice and short summary of vector graphics concepts and languages currently in the wild. However... Read the rest of this entry ...

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A couple quick links regarding Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in the wild. Read the rest of this entry ...

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