I decided to take my SVG Solitaire game and make it into FreeCell, the game that comes with Microsoft Windows. Click here to play. Requires IE+ASV, Firefox 1.5 or Opera 9 TP2

It took roughly 30 minutes to change Solitaire into FreeCell, then over 1 hour to debug stupid/silly errors. I was pretty tired last night, but that's probably a pretty good breakdown of the software development process (X minutes to design/code, at least 2X to test). Of course it still probably has some minor bugs here and there (please let me know) and I know the layout could use some work. Very playable in IE+ASV, but dragging cards is still pretty slow in Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9 TP2.


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  1. Archatas says:

    Strange, but I can only see the initial screen per Opera with the prepared places for cards, but there is no interaction.

    Ahh.. Maybe this is because I am using Opera 8.0 at the moment.. I will upgrade my software ASAP.

  2. Archatas says:

    It seems that Opera 9 is still in development.

    However I could successfully launch this game in Firefox 1.5. Anyway I still faced a problem – Queens and Jays are not shown (no Q and J letters on the cards).

  3. Jeff Schiller says:

    Hi Archatas, as per my original post: “Requires IE+ASV, Firefox 1.5 or Opera 9 TP2”

    Firefox has issues in SVG text that cause some text to be hard to read. I recommend maximizing your browser window, this might help solve your problem.

  4. Archatas says:

    Yep. Fullscreen (F11) solved the text rendering problem in Firefox.

    Cool job anyway… Do you have some larger projects with SVG for the future in your mind? Do you find SVG a perspective technology?

  5. stelt says:

    # Error Line 12, Column 32: required attribute “type” not specified.

    # Error Line 13, Column 33: required attribute “type” not specified.

  6. stelt – thanks, can you tell me what browser fails this? I don’t see such an error in either Fx2, O9 or Safari 3…