Well, unfortunately I had to wait until I got home from work to try out the Opera 9 TP2 due to this unfortunate bug. However, it was by far worth the wait.

I haven't done a lot of extensive testing, but I took the Opera Preview through some of my SVG paces, here are the results:

  • My Blog Masthead - A bunch of snow (and seasonal hearts) falling and accumulating on the "ground" in front of a raster image (taken from the upcoming Elder Scrolls game Oblivion). Displays perfectly and takes up about 80% CPU (which can be expected given all the scripted animation occuring there).
  • My website menu - A simple column of scripted, animated, aqua buttons with mouseover effects. Renders and interacts perfectly, but fonts vary across implementations, which is to be expected.
  • My SVG Dragging Demo - Yay! Dragging now works in Opera 9 TP2. They must have fixed and/or implemented getScreenCTM(). Speed beats Firefox 1.5 hands down (though IE+ASV still has both of them beat).
  • My Tetris Clone - Works perfectly and is faster than Firefox 1.5 not quite as fast as IE+ASV
  • My Solitaire Game - Now that dragging works, Solitaire also works. Once again, faster than Firefox, not as fast as IE+ASV.
  • My Web Stats Application - Displays a time-based chart of page views by browser, with a pie chart for a given day. Interaction allows the use to move the cursor to a different day. Works just as I expected, no issues. Watch this blog for further news on this as I'm working on several great advancements to this app.
  • SVG Basics - This is Rob's great site that he first put out ahead of the SVG curve a couple years ago. As far as I can tell, ALL demos (including the advanced filter stuff) display in Opera 9 TP2, though it would be great if Rob could confirm that the rendering is correct. Note that you can enable/disable the SVG at the site by clicking a button, but it would be nicer if rasters could be displayed side-by-side.

So this means that I couldn't find one SVG web page in my close circle that didn't render, with only a couple minor hiccups. I'll be doing more testing as the days creep on, but what a fantastic implementation of SVG! I look forward to future improvements and fleshing out the remaining of the spec.

For Opera to go from a somewhat buggy implementation of SVGT 1.1 to this is nothing short of astounding! Great Work, Opera!

[Edit: I carefully looked at SVG Basics raster output compared to Opera 9 TP2 and noticed that the following minor discrepancies:

But I will say that Opera's rendering of lighting filters looks even cooler than ASV's!

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