Well, our twin sons, Joshua and Jacob are two years old today. Two years ago at this time I was trying to wrap my head around the concept of being a father for the rest of my life after meeting the boys for the first time face-to-face, meanwhile my wife was being stitched back together after her scheduled C-section.

At the time, I didn't really know what it means to be a father. Although I had excellent examples in my own parents, it was still just a label. It was something that had never applied to me before so I had no way of knowing what it truly meant. I think I'm only beginning to understand that responsibility and that makes me appreciate my parents even more. Sam and I still turn to each other every few nights and say to each other "Can this really be happening?"

It's been a challenging two years in many, many ways, but we consider ourselves very blessed.

Check out my photos on Flickr for some pictures I uploaded this morning.

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