More news from the world of SVG.

GetSVG Forums Active

Rob put his GetSVG forums online. Participation is needed...

Nice Google Maps Demo with SVG

Very cool demo. Works in Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9 Beta. Ajaxian finally reported on the fact that the Google Maps API has an option for SVG, which we reported a few months ago.

Request SVG for IE7/8

Some folks on the Yahoo svg-developers mailing list are asking that IE7 include the Adobe SVG Plugin (ASV) by default and that IE versions beyond IE7 should have native SVG rendering. I finally emailed Chris Wilson, the lead of the IE team directly and he stated that they were not planning to include ASV in IE7 since it is an ActiveX control and it is not being actively maintained by Adobe anymore. I do hold out hope for IE8's rendering possibilities though, and so does Kurt.


I came across this interesting post about Basically an open-source platform for multiplayer web games. They have a site for web developers too: Looks like the platform uses Perl/Python libraries coupled with SVG for graphics. Exciting stuff...

SVG UI Widgets

The ever-impressive posted some articles about componentized SVG widgets.

Mozilla SVG Improving

A lot of work by the Mozilla SVG team has gone into cleaning up the SVG code in the firefox trunk. roc gives his stamp of approval. Sidebar: Check out the sexy screenshots of desktop in SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10...


The uml2svg project released version 0.17 on 2006-04-13. The idea behind this project is something I've thought of in the past also, having used UML and SVG. The idea to base it on XSLT is a great one, since I believe that most UML tools now support output in XMI format, but I won't be surprised if most modelling tools start supporting SVG output soon anyway (for instance, ArgoUML already does).

Blogger Woes

Looks like does not allow serving up pages as XHTML (still text/html).

If you have any news to report in the SVG world, please feel free to drop me a comment in one of these digest posts or send me an email directly via "jeff" -at- {this domain} -dot- com.

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