I try to summarize the most relevant news from the world of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) every month. Here’s the digest for July 2006.

OpenLaszlo Experiments With SVG

Henry Minsky contacted me about his work creating a SVG kernel for the OpenLaszlo project. I encouraged him to take make his experiments public. Looks like promising stuff for only two days worth of effort!

GWT Supports SVG

Robert Hanson gives everyone a clue to how to get the Google Web Toolkit to support SVG.

KevLinDev Updates For Modern SVG Support

Kevin Lindsey gives an overall thumbs-up for Opera 9 support of SVG, updating his site's experiments so that they work in Opera 9.

SVG Cards Finally Updated

David Bellot finally updated his SVG Playing Cards at the end of June. I used a very trimmed-down version of his original SVG cards in my games Solitaire and Freecell. I'll be interested to see how modern browsers can render this new version of cards.

Dojo on SVG

dojo-svg, a library/module of the Dojo toolkit has been advancing. Further news along this front is that Dojo-gfx will be a "universal" front-end graphics application that can use SVG or VML underneath as needed.

Firebug Creator on SVG

Joe Hewitt, creator of the awesome Firebug extension for the Firefox browser has been doing some experimentation with SVG. There are some things in particular that he doesn't like about the way SVG and XHTML mix. I don't agree with his conclusions, but I do agree that coordinates in SVG take a little getting used to if you're coming from the HTML and CSS camp.

Treebuilder Renaissance

Holger Will has been going strong ever since his return to web development in SVG. His website is a wealth of information and experimentation in SVG, including recent entries for progress bars, bar charts, SVG fonts and tutorials. All within the space of just one month! How does he find the time?

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1 Comment to “SVG News Digest: 2006-07-31”

  1. Holger Will says:

    hey Jeff,
    thanks for keeping us up to date, and thanks for the kind words !
    i had a bit more time last month, because i was sick for two weeks and had to stay at home.
    i’ll try to keep the pace, but there will be less this month, thats for sure 😉

    oh and good to see kevlindev back on SVG 🙂

    thanks, an dgreetings