I try to summarize the most relevant news from the world of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) every month. Turns out August 2006 was an eventful month for SVG, and not necessarily in a good way

SVGT 1.2 Jumps To Candidate Recommendation

The SVGT 1.2 specification became a Candidate Recommendation on August 10, 2006. This caused lots of concern as many people in the community (like Ian Hickson, Boris Zbarsky, Maciej Stachowiak, Robert O'Callahan, and Bjoern Hoerhmann) strongly felt that the W3C process was not followed properly.

Renesis Comes Back To Life

The Renesis SVG Player (still in pre-alpha) has a new lease on life under the split-off company Emiasys. Looks like they have a plan to turn it into an ActiveX control as well as release a version that includes more DOM functionality, including the SVGT 1.2 Connection API (in October). I'll keep on eye on it...

SVG.Open 2006 Deafening Silence, then Cancellation

The SVG.Open 2006 conference was cancelled this month, citing personal health issues from the chairperson. SVG.Open 2007 is now in the planning phase.

SVG File Browser

This guy cooked up a SVG file browser application in Java. Someone should let me know if it's any good...

Dojo 0.4 Almost Released (with dojo.gfx)

Dojo 0.4 has almost been released and will include the dojo.gfx library. I'm a little confused by it ... is dojo.gfx the same as the Dojo 2D API (a Google Summer of Code 2006 sponsored project)? Either way it's utilizing SVG (for most browsers) and VML (for IE) to give the web developer a cross-browser way to develop active graphical objects in web pages.

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  1. Alex Russell says:

    Hi Jeff,

    dojo.gfx.* is indeed the Dojo 2D API. The time of the summer interns who have been working on it was funded by the Mozilla Foundation, but it was run in parallel and with the same oversight as our Google-funded SoC projects.

    We’ll have more tests and demos of the new APIs when we get closer to releasing 0.4, but I’m quite pleased with how dojo.gfx is, um, shaping up.