Read about Kurt Cagle's abysmal experience with IE7. I didn't suffer such a horrific experience because I manually installed IE7 prior to the automated roll-out on one machine and my other Windows boxes are not using XP SP2.

However, I did enjoy Kurt's very apt description of Opera 9:

I like Opera 9, which to me is a fine-jeweled watch that’s a wonder to work with.

I concur whole-heartedly! It's a shame that Opera doesn't have more market share.

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  1. stelt says:

    > I concur whole-heartedly! It’s a shame that Opera doesn’t have more market share.

    What he said.
    As the mobile web is growing significantly and Opera has a big market share there, i hope and expect to see Opera’s market share on the desktop grow along. Plus things like the experience Kurt had also help, because of Opera’s share in the “anything but IE!” market.