The characters have started to come together on Heroes. The latest episode/cliffhanger raised many questions (some of which contain spoilers, be aware).

1) Why did Peter Petrelli get sick and collapse outside the jail?
My Guess: He had temporarily absorbed too many powers at once. By my count he had: All of Sylar's, Claire's regeneration, Matt's telepathy and Nathan, his brother's, power of flight. This had to put a strain on his body and mind.

2) How was Peter able to have a vision of the future?
My Guess: On top of his mimicry power, Peter has the power of clairvoyance. In the pilot episode, he had visions that he could fly and we learned last episode that he had had a vision when his brother was in the car accident.

3) Why (in his future vision) does Peter explode? This is obviously the nuclear explosion that both Isaac and Hiro observed in the future.
My Guess: It has something to do with the man in prison that emits radiation.

4) What is the Haitian's secret that he tells Claire? Why didn't he erase Claire's memory? Does Mr. Bennet know the Haitian can speak?

5) What was holding Sylar prisoner? Why was Sylar willingly staying in the prison fashioned by Mr. Bennet, and then suddenly he was able to break out? Why didn't he attempt it earlier? Was it because Eden had a gun? Was it because he was waiting for the opportunity to take someone else's powers?

6) How was Sylar able to resist Eden's persuasion? Does he have some other power that we're not aware of?

7) How is Sylar altering his own DNA? What does he do with the extracted brains to gain his powers?

8) Who was Mr. Bennet talking to on the cellphone after he talked to Sylar?
My Guess: Mr. Linderman, he's the only "boss"-like character that seems connected with a lot of the characters.

9) Now that we know who Sylar is, why would Chandra Suresh have called him "Sylar" in his own notes, when he first met the man as Gabriel?
My Guess: The writers on the show didn't think this far ahead, it's a Ret-con.

10) Was Hiro or Ando right? Was the message "Save the cheerleader. Save the world" an if-then or simply two statements/missions?
My Guess: I think it was an if-then statement because if Sylar would have killed Claire and obtained her powers, he would be virtually invincible. However, there is clearly more to come from Sylar in the later half of this season next year.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Interesting ideas. Heroes has replaced Lost as my favourite show. I was thinking along the same lines regarding Peter causing the explosion. Perhaps the writers are misleading us specifically to make us to think that he explodes so we’re pleasantly surprised when he doesn’t. Also, I’m sure that Sylar just eats the brains. I thought that was obvious 😉