As I mentioned two days ago, the SVG Logo Contest is now over and an official SVG Logo has been chosen. I guess orange is the new black? 😉 Nothing terribly exciting for the web-at-large, but it does give use SVG developers a bit more sense of identity and will help to establish SVG as a "brand". I hacked the winner's logo for my own purposes.

I ended up taking Harvey Rainer's very large and classy SVG submission file and stripping away the bits I wasn't interested in to arrive at two versions of the logo I'd like to use for now.

Please, note! Doug Schepers has stated that they will be coming up with official versions of the logo for purposes of widespread use, so my versions are mere hacks until then, because I was too impatient. Don't hot-link or copy them. This post is a good-natured spur to get the logos out there - I'll be one of the first to use the official versions ... so long as I like them 😉

The first version of the logo that I used in home page at the bottom (just above my non-validating XHTML tag):

The second I use in my blog header image, as you may be able to see with a cool browser like Opera 9+ or Firefox 1.5+. But you can only see it when you mouse over the image. Mouse over the logo itself for a fully opaque version (with obligatory tooltip and link to the W3C SVG site).

Annoying inconsistencies noticed in my blog header version: Firefox 2.0 doesn't seem to fire the Mouse Out event to remove the logo and Opera 9.02 doesn't show the tooltip for the logo... neither one is a show-stopper, but I'm sure guys like Dowdell are squealing with delight 😉

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