A few days ago, tor posted this announcement/plea to the community. It's a grim reality that Firefox's SVG implementation is not where it should be (some big pieces missing). Though I'll be happy with the improvements in SVG support coming in Firefox 3 (some cool filter effects like Gaussian Blur), I was really hoping to see at least Declarative Animation make it into Firefox 3, even working pieces of it.

I had some free time in Dec-Jan to contribute to Mozilla SVG, where I actually contributed a couple bug fixes/patches. Participating in that way felt great and got my C++ juices flowing again. But unfortunately my spare time to help has dried up a little.

If you have some spare development cycles, if you care about open graphics technologies in the future web space, if you know your C++ and feel ambitious enough to try and get to know a really large software project - please try and help out the Mozilla SVG team. Go find a little bug and try and piece together a fix for it.

I won't lie - for a newcomer, it a daunting task at first. But hanging out in the Mozilla #svg IRC channel really helped out and those guys are pretty patient. Just think - you can make a difference with the next version of Firefox and millions of people will be using software you helped write.

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