If you haven't yet watched it, go grab "The Job" from iTunes or whatever. And go catch the first Deleted Scene too. Warning: Mild spoilers ahead.

Some of my favourites of the night:

  • "You're advice was good, but hers were bigger."
  • "In my experience, men are more interested in looking at you from the back."
  • "How do you make a table?" "You make a chair and then don't sit on it"
  • Schrute Bucks!
  • "I'll give you a billion Stanley Nickels if you never speak to me again."
  • "Swing low, sweet chariots"
  • "Absolutely I do."
  • "I'm sorry, what was the question?"

And this whole exchange was just absolutely brilliant (I'm drawing from memory here):

Dwight: Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim....
Jim: Yes?
Dwight: I'm going to be your boss. It's my wildest dream come true. Welcome to Hotel Hell! Check in time is Now! Check out time is Never!
Jim: Does my room have cable?
Dwight: No... and the sheets are made of FIRE!
Jim: Can I switch rooms?
Dwight: There are no more rooms available. Hell Convention in town!
Jim: Can I have an early checkout?
Dwight: I'll have to check with the manager.
Jim: Wait, you're not the manager? Even in your own fantasy?
Dwight: ... I'm the owner. I'm co-owner... with Satan!!
Jim: Ok. Just so I understand this. In your wildest fantasy, you're in Hell. And you're running a bed and breakfast. With the devil.
Dwight: But I haven't told you what my salary will be.
Jim: Go.
Dwight: Eighty. Thousand. Dollars.

Can't wait until Season 4!

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1 Comment to “Loved The Office Season 3 Finale”

  1. Jeff Coleman says:

    I thought it was great too! Glad to see some small resolution of the Pam/Jim story, now to see how they take it from there. The Michael/Jan relationship was at first totally unexpected, but really developed into a plot with surprising depth. I never expected the things that happened with Jan. That was a great thing for the story to focus on while not much was happening with Pam/Jim.