The Opera Desktop Team tells us that we should be expecting early builds for Opera 9.5 in a couple more weeks and I'm really looking forward to some of the features:

Here are some things to expect:

  • Linux build built on QT4 - ooo, shiny, I wonder which version of QT4 - QT 4.3 I hope...
  • Superior SVG support - including SVG as CSS background-image finally - that is the last item on my list they have to implement. Time to write a new list! 😉
  • Usability - "more consistent with other browsers". Hopefully Alt-D will focus the darn Location bar finally!
  • Performance - cuz everyone could use a faster, more memory-efficient browser
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  1. Zajec says:


    8) Pointer cursor for link elements (Bug 173592)

    There is still some bug about this: :-|

  2. Jacobus says:

    Great news that they are actively improving in their already great SVG support! Stunning work. I can only guess the type of websites we will start seeing in future: “This site displays best in Opera…. at any resolution”. That will be a nice change to the crappy “This site displays best in IE at 600×800”

    I’m currently writing a SVG only version of our website, to treat those clever ones who have broken their IE ball and chain.

    One can only hope that the continued support of SVG will put an end to the Silverlight hype. Imagine having to support yet another MS propriety technology….. pew