Once again, NBC's Journeyman is proving itself to be a solid science-fiction serial drama, overshadowing its sophomore lead-in Heroes. The stakes have been escalating over the past few weeks, and last night's episode was probably my favorite so far. Last night was the first time I felt really bad for Livia, too.

The writers seem to be doing a great job of juggling the plot-lines and the ongoing tensions between the four main characters. It's a shame that the writer's strike hit when it did. Oh well, we know we'll get at least three more episodes this month. I shudder to think what a writer's strike could do for ABC's Lost (currently set to start up again in February).

Anyway, back to Journeyman and last night's episode "Double Down" (which, of course, had two meanings aside from being a Swingers reference). The pacing and action in tonight's episode were good, but it was the conclusion that made it great. And it was quite a treat to hear Lucky Man by The Verve again.

Next episode we'll see the re-appearance of the mysterious Dr. Langley, so hopefully some questions start to get answered. Of course, the geek in me wants Dan's brother, Jack, to learn the truth, but I know this is going to take a few more episodes before we get that - there's still tension to be mined there.

I hope NBC is wise about this and holds on to Journeyman. I haven't wanted to watch a show like this since I first started watching Lost. The show is smart, the characters engaging and the chemistry between the actors very real (in all four relationships, actually).

I've got a problem: I'm currently watching too much television, which means I'm not being as productive as I could be. Oh well, I'm still enjoying myself. We've got many hours of TV sitting at home queued up and waiting to be watched. The wife and I just started to watch Season 1 of HBO's Rome (also starring Kevin McKidd, the Journeyman). And I've got my guilty pleasure: Season 6 of Smallville (which I couldn't watch last year due to The Office and My Name Is Earl commitments on Thursday). As I said, I've got a problem.

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3 Comments to “More Kick-Ass TV: Journeyman”

  1. tabrez says:

    I too am watching a ton of TV shows these days. I can’t believe how Heroes could be the #1 tv show currently, season 2 is worse than the season 1. Smallville is my guilty pleasure too 😉 I am watching season 7 currently. ‘The Office’ of course is my all time favourite, watching season 4 currently. Also watching House MD.

    Adding Journeyman’s season 1 to my ‘next’ list.

  2. Journeyman kicked more ass last night – I’m worried that it’s not finding a following though…

  3. Marla says:

    I’m very bummed. Only got to watch the actual pilot of the show. Then I discovered season 1 on itunes, and downloaded it. I was hooked. I took my laptop everywhere I went , unable to stop watching. This was a very well written show. I don’t watch much television and was loving the fact that they finally had something on that was worth watching! Damn,Damn,Damn.