I recently got ahold of a nice MacBook Pro and I'm using it as my primary Windows box at work. It's nice and snappy and I like it, but I'm having trouble getting used to the keyboard, let alone the one-button mousepad. I thought I'd use this post to collapse several google searches into one location. I'll likely add to this list as I learn more tricks.

Windows Shortcut MacBook Pro Equivalent Function+Notes
Alt+PrintScreen fn+F11 copy screen capture of entire desktop to clipboard
Ctrl+PrintScreen fn+option+F11 copy screen capture of current window to clipboard
Insert fn+bottom enter key (next to arrows) overstrike mode
Shift+Insert ctrl+v paste clipboard
Shift+Delete ctrl+x cut selected
Backspace Delete delete character to left of caret
Delete fn+Delete not backspace, but delete character to right of caret
Home fn+left arrow put caret at beginning of line
End fn+right arrow put caret at end of line
PgUp fn+up arrow page up
PgDn fn+down arrow page down
Ctrl+PgUp no equivalent Go to top of document
Ctrl+PgDn no equivalent Go to bottom of document
Function keys fn+Function key Various things. You can switch this behavior in Control Panel > Boot Camp if you want, I recommend this
Right-click Mouse put two fingers on mousepad and press button Bring Up Context Menu

And finally, some flamebait questions:

  • Why in God's name are there duplicate enter and Apple keys?!?
  • Does anyone REALLY think the MacBook right-click equivalent is simpler than putting two #@!$ buttons on the pad?!? That button is huge-ass!
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8 Comments to “Windows on a MacBook Pro: Keyboard Differences”

  1. I xmodmap’d my layout to have two backspace keys, one for left hand and 1 for right hand, so I don’t have to drop the mouse to backspace.

    About Apple keys, don’t Windows keyboards have two Windows keys too? (my left windows key is the aforementioned backspace)

  2. w00ter says:

    Two finger right click rocks. Better than any windows solution.

  3. Mya says:

    ctrl+pgdn(windows) = fn+ctrl+pgdn (apple)

  4. @Mya: Actually I’ve noticed that this seems to be a per-application thing. For instance, Excel lets me use Alt+Ctrl+PgUp/Dn as you suggest. However, TextPad requires me to use Alt+PgUp and Alt+PgDn to go to top and bottom of the document. However, Outlook or Word does not support either shortcut 🙁

  5. Jules says:

    how do you get to Cntr+Alt+Delete on the Macbook Pro?

  6. Shy says:

    Thanks for the quick cheat sheet.Two finger right click rocks. Better than any windows solution.

  7. quibila says:

    Nice quick cheat sheet. Thanks for sharing your tricks. I will try this shortcut keys to my cousin’s windows on a macbook pro.

  8. Mildy says:

    What about the F12(save as), this shortcut key should be included in your list.Anyway, thanks for sharing.