Big news in the blogosphere - the IEBlog finally divulged some real details about Internet Explorer 8: An internal build of IE8 supports the Acid2 Test, meaning a great deal of HTML and CSS-related quirks have been mopped up. Read the rest of this entry ...

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We have Vonage service at home. Like most Vonage customers, I was sickened to learn that both Verizon and Sprint/Nextel won their patent lawsuits against Vonage - seemingly proving that playing the patent bankroll game is a worthwhile endeavor if you've become so big and bloated that you can't compete on innovation, quality, or service.

Today I got an email from Vonage offering an additional 20% off for the whole year if I pay up front. That's $20/month for unlimited calling throughout the year. Now I realize this is just an attempt to drum up cash to pay Verizon so they can stay alive and that there is the inherent risk that Vonage won't be around for very much longer (an AT&T lawsuit is in the wings) - but I'm willing to give them a chance - especially if it saves me money and actually keeps the underdog afloat. It just angers me that my money is ending up in Verizon's pockets...

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I've been following Shelley Powers' blog for about half a year now, ever since I discovered her on some feed searches for SVG. Today she posts some post-mortem thoughts on her latest book about Web Graphics. In addition, she makes a bold statement: "I will no longer compensate for limited or broken specification support in browsers after January 1, 2010" Read the rest of this entry ...

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Lots of groundswell to try and save NBC's "Journeyman", a well-written serial drama with great writing and tons of potential. Looks like no more episodes have been ordered and episode 12 may be it for this show - so if there's an opportunity to save the show, it closes within the next couple weeks. There are a couple plans out there:

  • Groundlings say to watch Journeyman episodes online Monday night via NBC's website. This costs you nothing, but would send the network a message that there is a fan base. If you've never seen the show, start with the pilot, of course 🙂
  • A comment at the above blog gave out the name of the press manager for the show:

    Park, Joanne

    Senior Press Manager - NBC Entertainment Publicity (Project Assignment: “It’s a Wonderful Life” “The Singles Table” “Journeyman” “The Office”)

    Phone: (818) 840-4579

    Fax: (818) 840-4943


  • Sign an online petition. Mostly worthless, but it doesn't hurt.
  • is planning to send either Rice-a-Roni or Aspirin to the network (show-related). I might even consider this once the campaign has made up their minds.

I know it's kind of sad to see somebody whining about how their favorite show is on the chopping block - and oh, the injustice in the world (or at least in the business of network television). Ah well, at least I did my bit to spread the word. That's what these self-serving, narcissistic blogs are about, right? 😉

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Just like last year, December 1st is supposed to be Chicago's first snowstorm. So I've turned on the snow in my blog header. Now you can keep warm by hovering around your CPU.

I was looking at the comments from last year's entry and it's good to see that we've now seen definite progress from Safari's side on the whole SVG front. Still no word from IE though 🙁

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